About Rolling Over

Last Wednesday, I laid Jacob on the couch next to me so he could stretch out for a minute or two. I was shocked that he decided to try rolling to the side. I don't know where the heck that came from, but he ended up rolling from his back onto his side, almost all the way over. His one hand would get stuck underneath him and keep him from rolling all the way over.

Since then, any time I put him on his back on the floor, he would try rolling over.

On Friday, he got it. He rolled from back to tummy and back again.

Friday night, he tried to do that in his sleep. His arm got stuck underneath him and he got smooshed against the side of the crib. He wasn't happy about that, and he let us know it.

I wasn't happy, either, because I didn't sleep and spent most of the night peeking at the video monitor. I think my husband and I each got up 2 or 3 times to roll the kid back over.

On Saturday, he rolled from tummy to back. Just like being able to hold his head up, I'm not sure where these skills came from!

I was worried about what was going to happen when we put him in the crib Saturday night. I didn't want him rolling over and getting stuck. I figure once he's strong enough to roll back and forth and get himself UN-stuck, he'll be just fine, but in the meantime, he's been sleeping really well, and I don't want him rolling around and waking himself up.

I was Googling baby sleep positioners, searching for things on Amazon, and looking for ideas on Pinterest to see if there was anything we could put in the crib that would be deemed safe for him. A lot of the stuff seemed to be for little newborn babies, and at 24 inches and around 14 or 15 pounds, he's not exactly little. Then there are tons of products to help keep your toddler from rolling out of their bed, but those were all way too big and not appropriate for the crib.

I decided to get creative. I took a blanket and rolled it long-ways and stuck it under the crib sheet at the front edge of the crib mattress, in the direction that he always rolls. It created a little bump, which would probably cushion him if he rolled into the side of the crib again, but it wasn't going to keep him from rolling over. I was looking at his sheets and blankets trying to see what else I could do, and I came across a fleece blanket that someone had given him. It was all folded and rolled up and secured tightly in plastic. I stuck THAT under the sheet near the edge of the mattress and it created a perfect bumper to keep him from rolling over. For the past couple nights, it's worked great!!! WHEW!

I guess the next thing we need to worry about is crawling. Seems like all of a sudden, he's not wasting any time with these milestones!

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