About Poo Face

Pampers recently released a commercial about baby poo faces. In it, babies make adorable faces while apparently also making dirty diapers.

There is nothing adorable about Jacob's poo face, and I think he's a pretty cute kid.

He tenses up. He grunts. His face turns red. A vein darkens his forehead. It's almost like he's letting us know that Lord Voldemort is near.

It is freaking scary.

A lot of times, poo will happen during his first morning bottle. We've gotten pretty used to it. Jacob will start by getting distracted. The bottle will fall out of his mouth. Then his fists clench, his body tightens up, and he lets out a grunt and a series of the biggest old man-sounding farts possible. Plus, I think now that he only poops once or twice a day, his poos end up being ginormous. We've had a couple blowouts that no amount of wipes could handle and have ended up just giving Jacob a bath to get him cleaned up.

It is truly amazing how someone so cute can produce something so awful. More on diaper blowouts later. :/  Does your baby have any weird poo habits?

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