About That Sweet Baby Smell

I love the smell of a new box of diapers. I love the Purex baby laundry detergent we use. I love the way Jacob smells after his bath. I have watched other people hold my baby, cuddle him, breathe deeply, and comment on his sweet new baby smell.

Welllllllll, you people haven't changed his diaper. I know this is obvious - poo stinks!

My husband and I were amused the other day when we discovered that Jacob's feet... Well... They smell like feet! They get kind of stinky.

Have you ever had a baby burp in your face? Yup, it stinks. Kind of an old warm milk smell. Bleggghkkk!

And Jacob gets sweaty! And sweat stinks! If he's been cuddled a lot or is playing on his back for a long time, the back of his head will get sweaty and leave little sweat prints on your shirt or his chair.

We'll have to make sure we have the deodorant talk early, I guess.

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