About Gas

Jacob is impossible to burp.

When we first brought him home, I was breastfeeding. I would try to burp him whenever I switched sides, but I never got anything. I was reassured to read that breastfed babies sometimes don't burp because they're less likely to suck in air. I figured maybe that was why he never burped.

We switched to formula after about a month. He STILL doesn't really burp. We try different positions. We put him on our shoulder and we sit him on our lap and pat his back that way. Most of the time, if we get a good burp, it's completely accidental. It'll be when I lift him up to put him on my shoulder - before I even pat his back. Or maybe I lean him forward (or backward) just enough and a burp squeezes out that way. Sometimes he'll burp two hours after a feeding!

He doesn't burp, but he farts a lot. I guess maybe as long as the gas gets out SOMEHOW, we're okay, right?

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