About Teething

This CAN'T be happening already. He's only 2 1/2 months old.

For the past couple weeks, Jacob has been drooling like crazy. He's also discovered his hands, so it's fun to watch him stare so intensely at his fingers linking together. And then those hands inevitably end up in his mouth. Not just a finger or his thumb - his whole fist. It's crazy.

I know that excessive drooling can be a sign of teething and figured he was just curious about his hands... But last night, while I was changing his diaper, I thought I caught a glimpse of something white  on his bottom gum, near the center. It had been a couple hours since his last bottle so I didn't think it was milk or anything. I just thought I was imagining things.

Then my husband saw it. 

Then things started adding up. The drool. Eating his hands. Plus other things that I hadn't considered at first: waking up at 3 am when he'd previously been sleeping 6-8 hours at a time. Not finishing a bottle, which was a recent (just yesterday!) development. The kid who had been previously sucking down 6 oz at every bottle was now stopping after 3 or 4 to fuss and eat his hands.

This morning, I checked Jacob's mouth: white spot still there. I don't feel anything poking up, and the gums just feel like... Gums. ??? I don't really know what I'm feeling for there.

Needless to say, this mama just got on Amazon and ordered every teething ring and toy possible that can get here tonight!!!!

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