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When I announced that I was pregnant, everyone warned us not to buy a whole lot of newborn stuff. We really didn't. I think we bought one set of 5 newborn onesies because I was in love with the color combination (gray, teal, and orange) and one of the onesies said "Mommy's Little Guy."

We got lots of newborn and 0-3 month hand-me-downs and if we purchased anything, it was 3 months up or bigger. Our family and friends did the same.

Throughout my pregnancy, baby pretty much measured right where he was supposed to, until the end, when it seemed like he was packing on weight like crazy. Hubby was a big baby (almost ten pounds!) so I was afraid I was going to give birth to a dinosaur.

When it came time to pack our hospital bags, I wasn't sure what to take for Jacob. We had a set of onesies, but I knew that the little onesies wouldn't be good for his umbilical cord stump. We had an endless supply of side-snap t-shirts, but I kind of felt like he needed an "outfit" to come home in.

I settled on a couple sleep gowns in newborn and 0-3 month size, a newborn shirt and pair of pants, and a 0-3 month outfit with a side-snap shirt, a pair of pants, and a hat.

In the hospital, I noticed that one of the side-snap shirts that they had put Jacob in was a size 0-3 months. He ended up coming home in the 0-3 month shirt and hat. He lived in the 0-3 month side-snap shirts, and hubby and I couldn't wait for the stupid umbilical cord stump to fall off. We eventually started to stick him in some 3 month onesies because they were loose (but they still kind of rubbed on the umbilical cord stump) and we'd put him back in a side-snap shirt for nighttime because it made middle-of-the-night diaper changes a little easier. We just wanted him to start wearing some of the stuff that people had gotten him!

When the umbilical cord stump finally fell off (two weeks and one day!) we realized that the three month onesies were actually fitting Jacob pretty well. The 0-3 month onesies, in comparison, looked awfully small. Jacob ended up never even wearing any newborn or 0-3 month onesies. They all got passed on to someone else, or else I saved them so that my mom can make a onesie quilt.

I thought it was crazy that our two week old baby was wearing 3 month clothes, but a few weeks ago, we tried to put him in a 3 month onesie that he hadn't worn yet. We got it on, but couldn't snap the bottom! We ended up putting a pair of shorts on over it so that we could take him out, but that was the end of the three month onesies! So now, our two and a half month old is wearing 6 month size clothes!

What's really crazy is that, at around 13 and a half pounds, Jacob is only in the 67th percentile for weight, so it's not like he's a crazy huge baby. And, according to the Carter's size chart, he's in exactly the right size.

We prefer Carter's to Gerber stuff. Any Gerber stuff that we've had shrinks like crazy! Jacob wears a lot of Carter's 6 month stuff and Gap/Old Navy 3-6 month stuff and according to their size charts, that's what he should be in, even though the little (big?) guy is only two months old!

Do you have this problem with baby clothes?

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