About Googling Everything

Things I have Googled since having a baby:

baby growth spurts
how to get baby to sleep through the night
baby milestones
tummy time strategies
how to stop breastfeeding
how much formula
baby vaccine side effects
transition baby from bassinet to crib
baby moves around crib
penile adhesion
baby growth spurts (again)

JUST STOP. Stop Googling. Don't Google another thing. You will find a million answers to whatever question you have. Some answers will support other answers, some answers are just straight-up copied and pasted from one site to another, and some answers will more than likely just plain scare the crap out of you. It's also highly possible that you'll come across the websites and mom forums that will make you wonder if you're doing things right, or will make you feel bad that there's something you're not doing.

Yes, I still have my copy of What To Expect The First Year, (and it has post-it notes, dogeared pages, and highlighted passages!) but at least I've stashed it in the nightstand where I can reference it when I need to, as opposed to leaving it on the coffee table like some kind of baby bible.

My point is, there's plenty of information out there... Just Google in moderation! What's the weirdest thing you've found yourself asking the Internet?

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  1. Oh my gosh, the parenting sites are the worst! For every decision you make there is an equal and opposite decision the someone else is deathly passionate about and they will make it their mission to make you feel like a failure for not agreeing!


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