About Hand-Me-Downs

If I have learned anything during these past few months, it is that friends and fellow new parents are extremely generous. I am super grateful for the friends that have given us gifts, whether they are brand new items or things that they are handing down. From his clothes to his bassinet, a lot of Jacob's stuff has been previously used by friends, and I'm cool with that!

I already posted about baby clothes and how Jacob is already in 6 month stuff. He's grown so fast that there are some onesies that he's worn once... (Is that why they're called onesies?! Kidding. Kind of.) He's had some clothes that he sadly didn't get to wear at all.

But, in the great good karma circle that is new parenthood, I've handed the small stuff down to a coworker who's due in August and my brother and sister in law who are expecting their baby in January. I've also set aside a pile of stuff to give to a cousin who just had her baby a couple weeks ago.

It amazes me how kind everybody has been, and how much stuff we've received. I have to pay it forward and keep the good karma going!

Have you accepted hand-me-downs from friends or family members? What's the best item that you've received?

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