About Our Baby Monitor

We registered for and received the iBaby video monitor. My husband and I liked the idea of something that was compatible with our phones and iPads. A cool feature of the device is that with the app, you can invite other users to log on and view the baby as well. We thought this would be great for both sets of grandparents! We loaded the app on their devices and although both sets of grandparents have tuned in to watch Jacob, my dad is a devoted follower, sometimes letting me know how many times Jacob almost rolled over or how many times he turned himself around in circles in the crib. I think my dad might even watch Jacob more than he watches Fox News. ;) 

Jacob's room is right across the hall, so it's not like we can't hear him snoring and kicking his feet when he sleeps. The video monitor is nice, though, because it lets me peek and see if he's just making noise or if he's actually awake. Sometimes he'll cry out, and then by the time I pull the monitor app up on my phone, he's passed out. 

The camera is easy to navigate for a full 360 degrees around the room, although we just keep it fixed on the crib from its spot on the shelf nearby.

There's a night vision option as well, so we don't have any problem seeing him on the monitor day or night. The only thing that worries me about it is that when I've walked into his pitch-black room in the middle of the night, there are tiny reddish-colored lights that flicker and blink on the bottom of the camera like crazy. I'm assuming they have something to do with the night vision. I'm not crazy about that because I wonder what that looks like to Jacob when he wakes up in the middle of the night, and also, I wonder if those little tiny flashy lights in his dark, dark room will affect his vision, as studies on night lights have shown.

The monitor comes with options to listen, which is good for when Jacob is rolling around and we can't quite see his face to tell if he's awake. Then there are options to play music and to speak into the room. We haven't used those, and most likely probably never will. 

Although there are controls for the music, the one time it came on (before Jacob was born, when my dad was messing around with the app after we installed it on his iPad) I happened to be in the nursery and it came BLASTING on, full volume. No thanks. Same with the speaking into the room. Not sure why you'd want to talk to your baby when he's sleeping or almost asleep? My dad accidentally turned it on when he was trying to listen to Jacob grunt and babble in his sleep. I knew it was him because I could hear the TV blaring in the background. From my parents' house. In Florida. He's been warned that if it happens again, his viewing privileges will be revoked. ;)

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