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I'm addicted to online shopping. UPS and FedEx are at our house every other day dropping off boxes. We've been Amazon Prime members for I don't know how long, but let me tell you what a lifesaver Amazon has been since having a kid.

When we got home from the hospital, we realized we didn't have a Diaper Genie or a special diaper garbage can. Ordered not one, but TWO, on Amazon. One for upstairs and one for downstairs. We ordered a white noise machine. We order giant boxes of diapers. Every once in awhile we'll order gas drops or gripe water. We've done "Subscribe and Save" for Jacob's formula. When Jacob started eating 6 oz. formula at each feeding, I ordered an extra set of bigger bottles. When Jacob started teething, I got on there and ordered a bunch of teething toys that would arrive the next day.

We used Amazon for our baby registry, too. (My family is big on Amazon wish lists and stuff, so the baby registry is now like the baby Christmas list!) I didn't realize there was an option (maybe it's new) to get people's advice/suggestions for stuff on your registry. My brother actually invited me to give him advice on THEIR baby registry. The way it works is, if I see an item that I think they should have on their registry, I can "add" it to their registry with an explanation why. I guess he then gets a notification that I've suggested something, and he can decide whether or not to add it. It's pretty cool. Now if there's something that I add to the registry or something that I buy/like, I can suggest that they add it to their registry, too!

We've also given Amazon Prime Pantry a whirl. When my in-laws moved from Florida to Virginia, I filled a Pantry box with cleaning supplies and snacks and sent it to them so that they'd have that stuff handy when they moved in to their new place. Shipping the box was free because I did it on Amazon Prime Day, but they were so bogged down with orders that they ended up giving me a credit for free shipping on my next Pantry box. I decided to do one for us.

I filled it with dry stuff like rice, pasta, and snacks, and also some cleaning stuff like Clorox wipes and Febreze. I figured it was an easy way to stock up on things that we always have around the house.When the box arrived, we realized that the Febreze bottle had cracked and leaked onto a few of the boxes of food. Those got tossed immediately and I contacted Amazon to tell them what happened. I listed all of the items that had been damaged (the Febreze, a couple boxes of rice and pasta) and was told that I'd get a refund for the first item that I reported as damaged - the Febreze. When I tried to report the other stuff, customer services asked me to send an e-mail explaining what happened. I did just that, and ended up getting the entire box ($160!) refunded. I'm guessing they probably saw how much stuff I order and realized I wasn't trying to scam them or something.

I might try it again sometime, but I think I'll just stick to food. No cleaning supplies in the order.

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