About Teething - an update

It's official. Our little man is teething. He's spent the past couple days being cranky and pushing his bottle away. Not eating as much = not sleeping as much at night, so we were getting a little concerned.

I put in a call to the nurse's line at our pediatrician's office and was told that it most definitely sounds like he's teething. The nurse said to keep rubbing his gums with gauze or a cold cloth and to try giving him chilled teething rings. The poor kid has like zero hand-eye coordination, so he doesn't quite know what to do with many of his toys, let alone a teething ring. She also suggested Hyland's Teething Tablets, which my husband ran out to buy. We've used them twice. I can't tell if they're working or not yet. It's hard to say.

Earlier, I was rubbing Jacob's gums with a washcloth dipped in ice water. He was actually letting me do it for a good while and then all of a sudden, enough was enough. He started crying and couldn't be consoled. My husband held him, we put him in his chair, we put him in his swing, we changed speeds, we changed the amount of vibration, I held him...

And in the middle of all of his screaming, I looked in his mouth and saw not one, but two, white spots on his bottom gum. There's the one I had seen originally, and to the left of it, there's now a second white spot. I don't know if my rubbing his gums loosened up the second spot or what, but he wasn't happy about it.

So, it looks like he has not one, but TWO teeth on the way.

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