About Baby Sleep Noises

Sometimes Jacob makes weird baby dinosaur cries in his sleep. I'll hear him make his sad pterodactyl roar and go to check on him, and he'll be out cold.

He snores sometimes, too. I didn't realize babies snore. I'm glad we didn't have him sleep in the same room with us for very long, because I either wouldn't be able to sleep due to his snoring... Or I'd be panicked if I didn't hear it and wonder if he was okay. Sometimes, rather than snoring, he'll make a strange panting noise in his sleep. Each little exhale comes with a weird sound.

Even across the hall in his bedroom, I can hear him grunt in his sleep. He also has a habit of spinning around in his crib in his sleep, so I guess maybe it's just him trying to get comfortable.

He also farts in his sleep. Not just little baby farts. Giant ones, that sometimes wake him up.

Is your baby noisy at night, or do you have a sound sleeper?

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