About Delivery Drivers Who Can't (Don't?) Read

I posted about our love for online shopping the other day. We have packages show up constantly.

Before Jacob came along, we even bought this sign for the door.

Which is great, except that the UPS and FEDEX DELIVERY DRIVERS DON'T READ IT.

We've had friends come by that see the sign and leave notes and gifts on the doorstep and text us later, telling us that they stopped by. The people that we wouldn't mind coming by to see us actually do what the sign says.

But somebody delivering a package... Man. They bang on the glass door, (loud!) which rattles the sign (louder!) which is why we have all the tape trying to hold the sign still.Or they ring the doorbell, which echoes throughout the whole house. And they always manage to do this right when Jacob goes down for a nap. It never fails.Then he startles awake and we have to settle him down again.

This happened last Wednesday, the day before yesterday, and yesterday. Plus numerous times before I actually started keeping track. And before we started tweeting UPS, FedEx, and Amazon customer service.

What's ridiculous is that my husband or I will run to the door and catch the delivery people. We'll ask them if they read the sign, and everyone always says, "Oh, no... Sorry. I didn't even see it."

So I made this obnoxious sign with a giant Post-It note.

Of course, we're not expecting any packages for a couple days now, but when our next package is supposed to arrive, I'll be ready!

You know what our next package is going to be? A doorbell cover called The Knock Nanny. It comes with stickers that you can put on it to let people know why the doorbell is covered up. I hope there's a sticker that says "READ THE *BLEEP*ING SIGN ON THE DOOR!"

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