About Pajamas

We just went on vacation to the Outer Banks, and when I was packing Jacob's bag, I made sure to include a pair of footie PJs and a PJ top and bottom set just in case the room was really cold. So far, Jacob's never worn anything but a romper or a onesie to bed because he gets so hot and sweaty, but I wanted to be prepared.

Good thing I did. Sort of.

Since Jacob is in all 6 month clothes, I packed 6 month PJs. The night I tried to put him in his footie PJs, I thought he looked so dang cute. And then he tried to stretch his legs in them.... and he hardly had any room! He couldn't stretch out all the way. Same thing with the pants on the PJ top and bottom set. WHOOPS.

He ended up sleeping in the long sleeved PJ shirt and a pair of sweatpants and socks every night. Glad I had those!

When we got home from the beach, it cooled off quite a bit and we slept with the windows in our bedroom cracked a little. I put Jacob in PJs again... SIZE 9 MONTHS!!!!!!!! (These ones are AWESOME! There are NO snaps or zippers - the pajamas close by magnets! The downside? They only seem to go up to 9 months!) They're a little baggy when his legs are bent but when he stretches out he almost fills them up. His feet take up the whole foot part!

He got his big feet from me, but I don't know where he got the height (length) from. His daddy and I are both short.

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