About Teething - again!

Still no teeth. Little man's been at it for almost a month now.

We thought we'd actually SEEN something awhile back, but there's nothing in there now! A friend suggested that we might have seen some kind of cyst (inclusion cysts or Epstein's pearls?) and since there's nothing there now, I'm guessing she was right. Somebody else said that they're called "milk teeth" and that, yeah, they're there, they look like teeth, and then they fall out. WHAT THE HECK?!

Jacob's symptoms (still) include:
  • drool (so much drool)
  • sucking on/eating hands
  • putting more stuff in his mouth/trying out more teethers
  • pulling on his ear/rubbing side of head (he does that when he's tired, too)
  • being inexplicably fussy or cranky, especially right when he wakes up from naps - he's usually so chill when he wakes up
  • being fussy at the bottle - sometimes he finishes, sometimes he doesn't
He doesn't have any fever or diarrhea - some people disagree on whether or not those are teething symptoms.

We've been using Hyland's Teething tablets (which seem to help a little) and Tylenol before bed. 

I was hoping that since he started kind of early that he'd get the first couple teeth over with fast...  No such luck, I guess!

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