About Naptime

Naptime has shifted. Again.

Back when he was really little, when we did three naps a day, Jacob would always do a bottle when he woke up and then pass right back out in the bed with me. It was fine before he was rolling and crawling all over, because he didn't move, and in our king sized bed, I wasn't worried about him going anywhere. So we'd cuddle in bed for like another two hours. It was great.

Then one day, that stopped. Jacob stayed up all through that nap. Just like that, he went from three naps to two, all on his own.

For awhile, he did his naps downstairs with me on the couch. I'd hold him and snuggle until he fell asleep, and then I'd cuddle with him until he woke up again. Which meant I didn't do much except for sit on the couch and watch Dawson's Creek reruns.

When I started writing, I decided he needed to go in the pack and play. He eventually took to napping in the pack and play just fine, and he'd be just a few feet away while I was working.

Then I decided it was time he napped in the crib. I'd hold him for a little while until he finally fell asleep, and then plop him in the crib. That all worked fine for awhile, but he was getting so big...

So I'd stand up and hold him, and rock him, and sway, until his head drooped onto my shoulder and I knew he was asleep. Into the crib he went.

And then, one day, while we were standing and swaying, he lifted his head up, and pointed to the crib. I laid him down in the crib and he curled up on his side, like he was going to sleep right then. Then he rolled onto his back, opened his eyes, and waved at me. THEN he rolled back over, and went to sleep. It was like he waved goodbye or good night to me. So... He doesn't really need to be held anymore. Good for him.

Sad for me. :(

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