About Accidents

A few weeks ago, on a Saturday morning, we had gotten up and done breakfast, just like we always did. My husband was in the kitchen and Jacob and I were in the living room. He pulled up on the coffee table, like he always does, except his hands slipped, and down he went...

Smacking his face right on the edge of the coffee table. Right in front of me. A few feet away.

He started to cry, and I rushed to him and scooped him up. I hugged him and bounced him up and down and shushed him and in just a few seconds, the tears stopped... And then when he opened his mouth, blood came gushing out.

My husband and I were both shocked at the amount of blood that came out. I usually do okay in emergencies, but I was sickened when I thought of Jacob's two brand new bottom teeth. What if he smacked them? Or bit his lip or his tongue? What if he messed up the teeth that were trying to cut through on the top?! 

I grabbed a washcloth and soaked it in cold water while my husband called the doctor's office. At 7:58 am on a Saturday, they must have just turned off their answering service because he actually got to talk to someone.  I had Jacob suck on the washcloth and it seemed like the blood was coming from somewhere up top. It stopped bleeding by the time my husband got off the phone. The doctor told us to head over.

We stuck some booties on Jacob and got him out to the car. By the time we got him all buckled up, he was kicking his feet, smiling, and laughing. I was sitting in the backseat crying and trying to calm down.

At the doctor's office, Jacob was just fine. The doctor came in and looked in his mouth with a tongue depressor and said that he had just split his lip, and that it had already stopped bleeding. Both the doctor and the nurse told us that any facial injuries tend to bleed and gush a lot - which is definitely what happened, and what had us so freaked out. We were told to stick to soft solid foods for the rest of the day.

And he was fine. No more blood. No swelling or bruises or anything. Teeth were fine.

We were definitely more shaken up than him.

And the worst part? Now that he's starting walking - that won't be the last time it happens.

Any of you have any scary baby experiences? How'd you handle it?

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