About Being Fearless


That's #BabyGoodwin in a nutshell.

Fearless, or maybe crazy.

He's been crawling since before Christmas, and now he's everywhere. Up the stairs. Cruising from the couch to the coffee table to the end table. Lunging from one table to the next.

We got him a walker. The first few days he wasn't a big fan. He would roll himself backwards, which freaked him out. And then, like everything else, once he got going - he's been moving. It's crazy. I think the walker has inspired him to be even more adventurous than he already was.

He crawled from my husband's lap onto the coffee table. He grabbed the top drawer handle in the kitchen and planted his foot on the bottom drawer handle to start climbing. Crazy kid.

We've baby proofed as much as we can. Our baby gates just arrived from Amazon so we can put them at the top and bottom of the stairs.

I have a feeling he'll be walking pretty soon...


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