About Baby's First Cold

The other night, as we were getting ready for bed, I asked my husband if he thought Jacob looked all right. Something in his eyes didn't seem right, like he was extra tired or something.

That night, Jacob tossed and turned in his sleep and cried out a few times. Upon going to check on him, I heard that his breathing was noisy like his nose was stuffed up.

The following morning confirmed it - he was sick. The good news? We made it almost 9 months before his first cold! The bad news? My husband and I woke up with the same symptoms! Stuffy/runny nose, scratchy throat, no fever.

It's so sad listening to him trying to drink his bottle with a stuffy nose. We've tried saline mist and the bulb, cranked his humidifier up as high as it will go, lowered the heat in his room, and have steamed u the bathroom so we could play in "the sauna." 

It's been a few days and he seems to be doing better. I'm just wondering what other tried and true methods you mamas use for when your babies are sick. Any suggestions? 

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