About Sleep Regression/Teething/Tummy Trouble

We were super lucky that #BabyGoodwin was one of those kids who kind of figured out sleeping through the night all on his own. I'd read blog posts and books about night training, several people suggested BabyWise, and I figured at some point, we were going to have to get strict about our nighttime schedule... And then Jacob started sleeping through the night all by himself without any of that. (I'll never forget the first morning that he slept all the way until 6 o'clock - I barely slept at all that night!)

 Recently, however, he's had some issues with making a lot of noise and sometimes even waking up and crying at night. Sometimes multiple times. He's had tummy issues in the past - the kid hardly ever burped. I think now that he's moving around and so active, it's better. (And he burps much more easily!) The ped suggested putting Colief drops in his bottles, and that definitely seemed to stop any daytime issues. For awhile, we didn't have any nighttime issues, either.

 And he's definitely teething, so of course that can cause problems at night.

 And this all began around 7 months, which can kind of be sleep regression territory. We totally missed the 4-month sleep regression. Never noticed much of a difference in his sleep at that point. But this... WOOOOOOOOO.

 For awhile, he was just kind of a noisy sleeper. We'd hear him toss and turn and occasionally whack the side of the crib. (Not on the monitor or anything - his room is just right across the hall.) He woke us up, but didn't seem like he woke himself up.

Then for awhile he started waking up at 1 a.m. almost on the dot, several nights in a row. And not just, like, "Hey, I'm awake, come pat my butt so I can go back to sleep" waking up. Like full on, suddenly screaming and crying and waking up. We tried giving him Tylenol and/or teething tablets. My husband would mostly just sit up with him and rock him until he finally went back to sleep.

This sucks for two reasons. 1 - our kiddo who was previously sleeping through the night has all of a sudden started waking up and 2 - we have no idea how to figure out the cause.

I read somewhere that overfeeding could be a common cause for tummy trouble at night so we gradually did away with his before bed bottle. He used to get 4 oz, and then we whittled that down to 2, and then one night, he didn't get one. Slept just fine. We also adjusted his solid food schedule to make sure his evening meal came a little later to keep his belly full. Maybe it helped? He didn't seem to have any problem doing away with his before-bed bottle. He falls asleep just fine without it. It's the staying asleep that's the issue.

 If he's teething, there's not really much we can do except continue to give meds at night if he seems to need them. 

I don't think he's hungry - he's been getting plenty of formula and 3 solid meals a day. But it's still happening. He's still waking up. Not necessarily always screaming and crying. Some nights are way better than others. I just wish we knew what caused it so we could help our little guy out. Have you ever had to deal with a sleep regression or any other problems that have caused changes in the way your baby sleeps? What did you do about it? I'd love suggestions!!!

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