About the Pack 'n Play: NOW I GET IT

Awhile back, I wrote a post on the pack 'n play because I wasn't exactly sure what to use it for.

We'd initially used it as our downstairs changing area and it was our place to stash all of our diapers, wipes, lotions, etc. But as #BabyGoodwin got too big for the changing pad and started rolling over, I wasn't sure what else to use the pack 'n play for.

I know some people say they put their kids in there for naps, but it doesn't exactly seem like the cushiest, most comfortable place to sleep. And why would I stick #BabyGoodwin in there to play when he's got all kinds of room on the floor?

And then he started crawling.
And going from his belly to sitting.
And pulling himself up onto his feet.

So, yeah. I get it. Now I know what the heck to do with it.

I can't take my eyes off of him for a second these days, so he goes in there for a little bit so I can get things done (pee, fold laundry) without having to worry about him bumping his head as he crawls through the coffee table.

And naps? He has this baby-to-toddler rocking chair that he used to do almost all of his naps in. Until he got mobile! Then all of a sudden, he started trying to roll over in his chair - and nearly managed to do it a few times, despite being properly strapped in!

So I've tried his naps in the pack 'n play, too - and he doesn't mind like I thought he would.

The pack 'n play has become a lifesaver.

What lifesaver baby products do you love?

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  1. YES! The pack n play was a lifesaver for us for a long time. Then we got to the point where Baby H just would NOT accept being in it, cause he wanted more space. So we got a big play pen for him in the living room. Same idea, contained, but more room to move around. That was a HUGE lifesaver for many months, and he still is sometimes willing to play in it - though now he just wants to run around the living room smashing everything and driving Mamma wild.

  2. My firstborn hated the pack n play, he screamed bloody murder everytime we put him in it! Boo! We used it to corral our lunchbags, my purse and work bag, etc. in the dining room. Then when my second was a newborn we sold it at a yard sale! Hopefully I won't regret that as baby #2 is just now starting to crawl and pull up!

    1. That's what it started out as for us - a very convenient place to stash everything. I was really beginning to wonder if that was all it was ever going to be used for!


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