About Jacob's Busy Weekend

On Saturday, we had a holiday party at our house. I ran out to the store to buy a few things and when I got home, Jacob was crying. Tears running down his face and everything. My husband said he cried the whole time I was gone. But did he miss me? Nope.

I took him upstairs to his room to put him down for a nap, and that's when I saw it. HIS FIRST TOOTH! FINALLY! The poor kid has been teething forever. Top left.

I was worried that he'd be a mess with 40 people about to show up for the party, but he was a total trooper. 

Then, on Sunday, I was wrapping some Christmas presents and had Jacob on the floor with me. He got on his knees and raised his butt in the air, which he's done before. This time, he actually pushed up so that his arms were straight, too. That was a first. He rocked forward and back a few times, and then he was off! He started crawling, just like that!

So... First tooth and crawling! Two milestones in one weekend!

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