About Rolling Over

Jacob has now pretty much mastered the art of rolling over. He started rolling at 3 months, but it seemed like for awhile he forgot how to roll from his stomach to his back. Not a big deal, because he's learned to love spending time on his belly and even sleeps like that a lot. He's finally gotten the hang of rolling from back to stomach. And then stomach to back. And then back to stomach. If we put him on the floor, he will roll until he runs out of room. He hasn't figured out how to crawl yet (he does this weird scoot where he will scrunch his butt up in the air, throw his weight sideways, and then pull himself forward a little) but I think he would roll all over the house if we'd let hm.

The only problem is - he's so obsessed with rolling that he does it all the time. And he's doing it in his crib. It used to be that I worried about him turning himself in circles. Then I worried about him ending up on his stomach and getting stuck. Now he tosses and turns so much that he ends up all over the crib! I can hear him rolling around across the hall. Even though we have (breathable mesh) bumpers up on the crib, he's still gotten his hands and feet out of the crib slaysppts - above the bumpers. And the don't really do much to cushion the blow if he rolls over and smacks his arm, or worse, his head, off of the side of the crib.

Is this just a phase? He figured out a new thing so he wants to do it all the time? Any tips or suggestions on how to deal with it?

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