About Bath Time

Starting with his newborn sponge baths, Jacob did not seem to like bath time at all. I don't think I'd like being wiped down in a tub on my dining room table, either. I've read about how bath time is supposed to be a great addition to your bedtime routine because it's so relaxing and soothing for your baby. It wasn't very relaxing for Jacob, but we eventually figured out a few tricks that made bath time a little bit more bearable, and finally, even enjoyable.

1. Make sure you have everything ready to go before you get your baby naked. This means make sure you have your water at the right temperature, make sure you soap and washcloths are handy, and have a couple towels ready to dry your baby off.

2. Warm your towels up in the dryer. It dawned on me that even though Jacob was covered with his little bath cozy after being wiped down, he was still basically out in the open and was probably a little chilly. So while we washed him, I threw his towels in the dryer. When his bath was over, one of us would go grab the towels and wrap him up. It kept him from having a melt down.

3. When we finally started giving him real baths, we opted to move things into the downstairs bathroom. We have a giant farm sink and Jacob's Boon Naked tub fits perfectly in it, but I was worried about him being cold and wet. In the bathroom, I made sure to have all of the bath stuff ready, and I decided to steam up the bathroom and make it nice and warm before he even got in there. Bath time for Jacob is now unlike any spa experience I've ever had - Cozy, steamy room... Warm towels... But hey, whatever works.

4. The bath cozy does more than keep baby warm during the bath - if you have a boy, it becomes a pee shield. I've set Jacob down in a tub full of warm water and had him immediately turn into a pee fountain. You can also use an extra wash cloth, too.

5. Use a baby bath tub thermometer. We actually have three of these, but this rubber duck is the one I prefer because it comes on automatically in the tub and it's so easy to read the screen.

6. Have all of your post-bath stuff ready to go before you finish. I always have a diaper, Rear Schmear, pajamas, and socks laid out on the changing table so that when we finish drying Jacob off, we don't have to waste any time and can diaper and dress him immediately.

Do you have any bath time tips or tricks to share?

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